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Path to Scholarships® Parent Guide provides the Five Steps to successfully apply to college and for scholarships, which prepare, guide, and empower parents and their children to believe that they have a choice and right to dare to dream great dreams.


Parents are the first teachers of their children and they can be empowered to take the responsibility of assisting their sons and daughters using the information, tools, and support of the Path to Scholarships® Parent Guide, Hight School and College Student Guide, and


A majority of parents & students do not know when, how, or where to begin the process to complete & organize everything to successfully apply to college & for scholarships.


Endless opportunities are available for ALL students, but a strong foundation for success with the Five Steps must first be built. This guide provides information and support that parents need to assist their children build the Five Steps.  ORDER TODAY! NOW is the time for parents to begin assisting their children prepare for their future!

Path to Scholarships® Parent Guide SPANISH

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